Dr. Aaditya D. Kashikar

Dr. Aaditya D. Kashikar


Dr. Aaditya D. Kashikar is a highly skilled spine specialist associated with the Department of Orthopaedics – Spine Surgery. With an extensive educational background, Dr. Kashikar holds an MBBS degree, a DNB in Orthopedics, and a Fellowship in Spine Surgery from The Spine Foundation in Mumbai. He further pursued a Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in Chicago, USA.

With over a decade of experience, Dr. Kashikar has established himself as a leading expert in the field. He has successfully performed over 2000 spine surgeries, ranging from procedures for prolapsed intervertebral discs and lumbar canal stenosis to complex cases involving spinal deformities, tumors, and trauma. Dr. Aaditya Kashikar’s commitment to staying at the forefront of his field is evident through his overseas training and assignments, including a fellowship at RUSH University and Medical Centre in Chicago, USA.

Dr. Kashikar’s contributions to the field of spine surgery are noteworthy. He has presented his research at prestigious conferences and has been recognized with awards for his work. His dedication extends beyond the operating room, as he actively engages in teaching and serving as faculty at various spine conferences. Dr. Kashikar’s research publications further demonstrate his commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. With his exceptional skills, extensive experience, and a passion for delivering high-quality care, Dr. Aaditya D. Kashikar remains dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from spine conditions.

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